This and that for the weekend

So. What’s up? First of all, the annoying bit of the technology called the fitbit was less annoying than usual today.

Today was a day when I had to run some errands and damned if I didn’t walk 3 miles, just shopping.  I hit Lowe’s twice, looking for a lamp with a swivel-arm so I can read more easily in bed. Got it! It even came with a shade!

Gotta say, I wish it weren’t so heavy and masculine but it was cheap plus the only swivel-arm I found so, okay, it’s mine.


Then I went to Half Price Books and scored an amazing find. Amazing. While I was accomplishing “decluttering” by selling them a box of books, I went looking at science fiction and discovered a first edition hardcover with dust jacket of Ursula K Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness.  I’ve been looking for a banned book to read next week.  Guess I found one.

Mind you, I now I have to order the one I just linked to, because no way am I going to carry around a first edition and mess it up. Plus, I believe in buying new books when they are still available so that the author gets paid. If I were starving it would be different, but I believe in artists getting paid for their work so if something is still available new, I’m not going looking to buy it used. That’s just me.

Then I went to Whole Foods Market and did a lot of wandering back and forth because it’s a location I rarely shop at, and I couldn’t find the stuff I usually get. I bought a sugar pumpkin. What is that, you ask? I dunno.  A pie pumpkin. I am going to stuff it with something tasty and bake it.  Any suggestions?  I’ve never tried this before.

So by the time I got home I was over 2.5 miles, and now I’m over 3 miles.

Now, in case you’ve been under a rock, I have a new book, SOME ENCHANTED SEASON (about the football season, doncha know) out for sale right now here and here!

Also, right now you have excellent odds of winning the $20 Amazon gift certificate I’m giving to some lucky reviewer here! In fact, you will always have excellent odds because it’s not like fifty people are suddenly going to run read and review, so what are you waiting for?

And because I’m in a mood to be generous, I’m also selling La Desperada at the same price if you buy it at Book View Cafe and use this discount code:  OCT2012LD

Have a great weekend! And while you’re at it, find a banned book to read. Because Sunday is the beginning of Banned Books Week!

Tonight’s step-count, 7087 and I haven’t cleaned the kitchen.  I have yet to hit 10,000, but hey, one of these days…




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6 responses to “This and that for the weekend

  1. denise

    Looks like you have about 30 minutes to get 10k steps. I heard you forced Toni to get one of those things, too.

    I’m going to have to dig out my pedomter now, dang it. Won’t blame you–I was planning to do it anyway. I still have to take it easy even though I’ve been off crutches for a week or so.

    • I’m thrilled you’re digging out your pedometer. I am glad if you want to blame me! And yes, take it easy, very easy. Slow and steady wins the race, or at least doesn’t end up in the hospital again, we hope!

  2. denise

    I left reviews. I also found JK Rowling’s book for 40% off at the grocery store, so I bought it. I need to win the Amazon certificate to offset the cost coming out of my grocery budget–I’m feeding 3 boys and 2 are teenagers (plus DH–he likes food, too). I had less than $10 in coupons on that $60 order. I went to the grocery store just to buy snacks for soccer on Sat. All of the above is true and you can stop laughing at me now.

    • Been there, done that, too many times! I have three boys, too. These days I have more disposable income for books since they don’t live with me any more, but tomorrow everyone will be here for lunch–with spouses and grandprincess–so my budget will hit an ‘ouch,’ too. 😉

  3. You have probabably already eaten that pie pumpkin – but if you have not or to file away for next time… you simply must try “pumpkin stuffed with everything good” . It has fast become my all time favorite meal to make with pumpkins. It’s the second recipe on this page:

    • I found that one, too! I didn’t use it, not exactly. I used some breakfast sausage instead of bacon. Pomegranate craisins. Granny apple and onion whirred through processor together. Ezekial bread instead of stale. Sharp cheddar. Heavy cream. Forget if I put anything else in or not. Am suspicious that it wasn’t seasoned enough. We shall see. I’m taking it to a dinner party tonight and wanted something that looked cool.

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