And it's back! A $20 opportunity to thank my reviewers!

I did this once before to thank you for reviewing La Desperada on Amazon.

Now I’m offering the same thank you prize for posting a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon.

Here are the rules for eligibility:

1) Post a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon.  Honest reviews are all I ask for, whether you liked the book or not.  Feel free to cut and paste your review from a different site or your book blog if you’ve already posted it elsewhere.

2) Unless you are absolutely positively without a doubt sure that I know how to contact you, come here and post a comment OR email me at planetpooks (at) gmail (dot) com.  Because otherwise, if you win and I don’t know how to get your prize to you, I have to draw again.

It’s that easy.  Yes, this contest is restricted to people who have read the book and are willing to review it on Amazon, but I have other contests that don’t require you to read my books or review them so sign up for email notifications (see the left sidebar), and it all works out.

Contest runs from September 25, 2012 to Midnight Central Time October 31, 2012!

Remember, if you need an epub version (or mobi, for that matter) you can buy the book at Book View Cafe and still review it on Amazon. Thanks!





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27 responses to “And it's back! A $20 opportunity to thank my reviewers!

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  3. denise

    I’ll let you know as soon as I finish it! Of course, that means I have to start it, too.

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  6. denise

    posted this on amazon and goodreads, want it anywhere else?

    Artist Kevyn Llewellyn is in need of a model for a book cover and the deadline is hanging over her head. She needs the money desperately. When the perfect inspiration–jock Rusty Rivers– practically falls in her arms from exhaustion at a triathlon, she knows she must act quickly. She rescues, er “kidnaps” him, and sketches him while he sleeps, nude and in her tub. He awakens and isn’t happy. He’s not your ordinary jock; he happens to be a professional football player. She’s clueless about football and he’s skeptical about the project.

    With nothing in common, they find themselves inexplicably drawn together; they begin the “dance” of love. They must learn to trust and figure out the secrets and obstacles from the past. Facing truths and overcoming the walls each puts up is the only way this couple can go forward. The give and take is almost too much, but they don’t give up.

  7. Thanks – just received my copy through LibraryThing – starting it this week and will definitely post my review when done!

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  9. Erin Hill

    Just posted my review on amazon!

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  11. Linda Moren Abuelghanam

    Just bought the book….need some interesting reading for tonight!! Thanks my friend!

  12. Pam B

    I just posted the review on Amazon. It’s under pics4. I really enjoyed this quick read with a strong story.

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