Harvest Monday (August 20, 2012)

My last harvest prior to my Dallas-area organic garden getting sprayed for West Nile.

Everything else out there will get trashed as I pick it, which means, a bit of okra.  I also harvested the swiss chard, and there is nothing else harvestable until it’s safe to eat, anyway.  I washed the garden off with water both mornings post-spraying, and that’s about the best I could do.  No row cover to spread.  No time to deal with it, otherwise. We’re still putting our house together, post-construction issues that have had us out of pocket and/or living in a construction-zone for six weeks.

I suck at organics this week, huh?

See other gardens at Daphne’s!





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6 responses to “Harvest Monday (August 20, 2012)

  1. denise

    you’ve done a great job this year with everything you’ve had going on–don’t be so hard on yourself

  2. maryhysong

    sometimes life gets in the way of what we really want to do. so we just do the best we can where we are with what we have. Nice looking harvest anyway.

    The real shame is that instead of poison cities could be adding Bt to open water which would probably kill more mosquitoes than spraying. When I lived in TX the spraying killed all my bees and made me sick…

  3. I doubt there was all that much you really could have done given the circumstances. It seems odd they would indiscriminately spray an obvious food garden area.

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