Harvest Monday (July 29, 2012)

I’ve been remiss in updating.  My squash got attacked by squash borers, aphids and squash bugs.  I have no idea which happened first, but suddenly they all were pitiful and two moments later–dead.

A moment of silence, please.

~removes hat from head to show respect for the deceased squash~

~not to be confused with the squash that gave their lives to be in my tummy~

That was a very large patty-pan Bennings Light Green squash!  It snuck up on me.  But it was tender and had such a rich flavor. I will definitely be planting a lot of those next year.  In order to really taste the squash, this time I grilled them with just some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes and freshly ground pepper, along with a spritz or three of olive oil. That is a George with it, and a small George that didn’t get pollinated well enough. I do need to figure out what is causing that.

Unfortunately I don’t have a pretty picture–or any picture–of the grilled squash.

I ate it.

And it was wonderful.

I continue to bring in peppers.  I think the tomatoes are done until the nights get a bit cooler again. I pick a few okra every day, and will soon have enough to cook. (I only have two okra plants–bad planning.) And my eggplant is blooming and babies are forming.

How does your garden grow?

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11 responses to “Harvest Monday (July 29, 2012)

  1. You are a riot! I will take a moment of silence to honor your fallen squash. Looks like the survivors that went to the dinner table were pretty tasty.

  2. denise

    my garden is growing very slowly….but I’m at my parents in TN, and they finally had rains, so the garden is catching up…should have corn on the cob and mya get to can green beans by the end of the week.

  3. I lost my summer squashes to sqush borers too. Glad you had a few survivors to enjoy.

    • I’m going to douse the soil with beneficial nematodes when it gets cooler, hopefully to eliminate a lot of the pest problems I’ve had.

  4. A moment for your squash and one for my….pole beans, and cukes and squash, too. Too much rain has done them in. 😦 Ah well – time to re-seed. That is the one wonderful thing about a long growing season. 🙂

  5. maryhysong

    how funny 😉 I’ve one squash that is looking a little peaked with a iron/nitrogen problem. Otherwise they are taking over the house and garden.

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