Long Time No Moleskine!

I haven’t talked about my moleskines in quite awhile. This seems like a great day to do so, because I am using my new one.

My Moleskine Passions Gardening Journal.


Moleskine Passions Gardening Journal - Roses by Seayard

That is not mine. That is from Flickr. I will post pics of mine when it has something in it to see.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  Did you know that for free you can join moleskine.com and once there, you can use templates to customize your moleskine pages to be whatever you need them to be? You can even print out your own slipcover.

Cool, huh?

You have to print them out and then attach them into your moleskine, but that kind of makes it fun.

Like kindergarten!

Aw, come on. Admit it. Cutting and pasting is totally fun.

The helpful expert at the local organic nursery told me I needed to do math.


The nerve!

Okay, so I’m doing math.  I’m checking the date of the average first frost in Dallas, and then looking at my seed packets to see how many days they need to mature, then counting backward from first frost date so I know when to plant.

Nobody told me there was math in gardening.  I much prefer cutting and pasting.

I have a popsicle and you don’t.




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4 responses to “Long Time No Moleskine!

  1. denise

    isn’t all of your blogging about gardening a bit of a “virtual moleskine”? I enjoy it.

    math. sounds like a good way to do it. faster than bothering your local EXT office.

    got my first tomato from my volunteers yesterday. little cherry. good, not great. ended up only having my volunteers this year because I was too sick– lack of energy from illness–during the planting season to get out there.

    • My tomatoes have all had strong acid flavor. Not sweet. I don’t know what that’s about–whether the soil needs amending or what. They’ve been good and flavorful but not sweet.

      You make a good point about the virtual moleskine. The best part of blogging is having a record to go back to later!

      • denise

        are the varieties you planted supposed to be “sweet”? if not, you may be able to amend the soil and still get sweeter tasting ‘maters. ph can make a difference.

      • I assumed Supersweet 100s would be sweet. Not so much, though!

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