Harvest Monday (July 9, 2010)

I’ve been missing for a few weeks, I know, I know.  I will have to zip quickly through to let you know what happened while I was gone, but first, this is where I was:

The Big Island of Hawaii!

Okay.  So we came back wondering whether the garden would be roasted dead beneath the Dallas sun and found it in precarious shape except for the costata romanesca.

Good old George!

Check out the tennis ball for reference.

That is a 6.5 POUND 18 inch George.

There was a smaller giant, too.  Surprisingly, the smaller one (which must have weighed 4 pounds) was edible.  We ate it over the course of four or five meals.  I suppose this one is Georgette.

We also had three small eggplant.  Since I’d never had any before I wasn’t sure if it was time to pick them (they were purple and glossy) or if they would get bigger.  I went ahead and picked two small ones and cooked them–pan-grilled in one of my iron skillets, and they were goooood!

Last week I got bits and bobs from the garden, nothing much to speak of, but it does add up.  This is part of the week’s take, including the other eggplant that I allowed to grow larger.  There are some extremely fat, large okra there, Hill Country Red, an heirloom.  They stayed on too long.  Some of the images I have seen have them very red so I let them stay assuming they would turn red. But you can’t cut them. Clearly, I must harvest sooner.

And this is what I picked a few days ago.  I’m bringing in stuff daily.  Not much stuff, but some. Next year I’ll know how to plan and plant better.

I have learned so much this spring/summer, and have more to learn. But we’re already making plans for the fall garden and next spring. Yay!

How does your garden grow?

See other gardens at Daphne’s!





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9 responses to “Harvest Monday (July 9, 2010)

  1. That basket is cute!
    And great, colourful harvests! I love eggplants, now I can’t wait for mine!

  2. I have been gardening for years and still learning. Nice harvest, quite a variety.

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