Hanging around the library.

This is me, hanging around, browsing, reading.

Waiting for people to check me out.

Except for, you know, the fact that I’m a girl.

I’ve known it for awhile, that La Desperada is available in libraries.  More and more, all the time.

This is because my publisher–the glorious cooperative of brilliant writers who form Book View Cafe–is selling to libraries around the world.

See the Library Journal article: “It’s very easy to be frightened of change but, for authors, our biggest fear is obscurity not free books. But, the main reason we want to work with libraries is that we’re all huge supporters. We grew up with libraries and we want the next generations to grow up with libraries.”

You would think that knowing people are buying my book would be the big thrill, but knowing my book is in libraries is even bigger.

My first memory of a library is in the basement (children’s section) of the old Jefferson Library in Dallas. I hate when people decide ripping down and building new is the best idea. I was a wee thing when we used that library, and my memories are hazy and indistinct, but the one thing I knew about it was–

There was magic there.

Where was your first library?




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4 responses to “Hanging around the library.

  1. denise

    Gallaher Elementary School…librarian was Mrs. Baker–the mean one (there were two Mrs. Bakers at my school).

    • We had a strict librarian that I didn’t particularly like at our elementary school, but I’ve remembered her with gratitude. She really taught us how to use a library, an appreciation for books. She even taught us how to break in new hardcover books.

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