First it’s the birds. Then it’s the squirrels.

But–I was not ready for this, dear reader, oh no, not ready for this.

The lovely tomato I’ve been watching for weeks, waiting for it to ripen:

Finally started ripening. The past two days, it’s turning golden on its way to red!

But just now I found it–MURDERED.

Four ounces of Early Girl goodness, and it did not take Sherlock to figure out the culprit. It did not take microscopic evidence, nor did it take puncture wound analysis, nor did it take bloody juice-spatter experts because–

I found the murderer in the act.


First she went after birds, and then it was the squirrels, and you know? That’s all right. Because that’s what dogs do.

But, in the words of Molly Weasley:

“Not my tomato, bitch!”

It will take me awhile to get over this.

*note good dog in background:

Jake the Good Dog



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18 responses to “MURDERER!

  1. Timothy Miller

    She could have been trying to bring it to you to show you the damage done by the real criminals.
    I reserve judgement until all the evidence is presented at trial.

  2. Max

    Clearly, she caught the villain in the act of defiling the tomato, ran the villain off and was rescuing the tomato and bringing it to you for help — and you blame her. So wrong!

  3. Max

    Doy. She was framed!

  4. Mrs Harris

    My bad dog jumps up on the kitchen cabinets and takes my heirloom tomatoes under the dining room table to consume them. I find the evidence later. She doesn’t digest the labels so well.

    She is 15 inches at the shoulder and 14 years old. I do not foresee this changing.

  5. deb

    lol.. My terrier mix does the same thing. She absolutely loves tomatoes. We have to watch her like a hawk or she will pull the tomatoes off the vine and eat them.

  6. You know, I could tell that was the face of a murderer the minute I saw it! (grin)

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  8. denise

    aw, the squirrels and birds are always to blame here since I have no pets–three sons are enough–and the squirrels have gotten into my petunias 😦

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  10. Look at those eyes, she is telling you she is sooooo sorry.

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