Harvest Monday (2012-May-14)

At last! Peppers! And my first tomato!

I’ll admit I’m still experiencing the learning curve on all of this, and I do mean ALL.  I am not sure when to pick the squash, whether to let them keep growing or not.  There are some I’m going to pick today, I guess (and count next week) simply because they don’t seem to have grown much even though I have left them alone for a few days.  These tend to be squash that were pretty large before they were pollinated.  I don’t want them to get big and seedy, but am not sure when that is.  I guess I’ll leave one too long and know.

Maybe you just pick them a day or two after pollination no matter what size they are?

No freaking idea.  And wait, that can’t be it because most people don’t know when something is pollinated.  Well, they do know when it blooms, maybe, because the bloom is still on it, if shrivelled… I dunno.

The Benning’s Green Tint are still sending up many males and no females, as is George the Costata Romanesca.

I’m waiting for the eggplant to bloom, the peppers to make more peppers, the beans that are blooming so prettily to make beans, and the tomatoes to ripen. The single ripe tomato was the only one on that plant that wasn’t green-green.

So, what you’ve been waiting for. The weigh-in:

11.8 ounces yellow squash

.1 oz pepperoncini

2.6 ounces green bell pepper

1.2 oz purple pepper

1 oz Supersweet 100 tomato

I could have harvested more ruby chard but I haven’t done anything with the last batch.  Gotta get busy!

Speaking of learning curve…

Not only did I misjudge when I decided I could put two “vining” squashes in my 4′ x 4′ raised bed square foot garden, but I put in the two Georges side by side, and they are clearly giants.  Add in eggplant, and, well, this is a jungle back here and my basil is now growing under a canopy, and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to reach in to hand pollinate George, so the critters better do their jobs, damn it.

And that, my friends, is the report from the garden!

As usual, all roads lead to daphne’s dandelions when it comes to Harvest Monday. Go enjoy all the bounties from many parts of the world. It’s fun to see how different the harvests can be.



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16 responses to “Harvest Monday (2012-May-14)

  1. Wow. Everything is looking good. I wanted a jungle in my 20 Foot Garden this year. I have better harvests than last year, but I am still not sure it’s a jungle.

    This is my first year to plant squash. My zucchinis are not doing well, but the squash are starting to come along. I was wondering when to harvest mine, too.

    • The zucchini (which is what the costata romanesca is, or same as) is what is so huge! I love these raised beds. They seem to be doing so well. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything grow so well.

  2. We all manage to plant the large vining squash plants too close – never fails. I pick my summer squash “young and often” and they typically are the size you picked. They taste better and are more tender and they produce so abundantly there will be plenty more to come along behind the current harvest.

  3. I put big vining squash on a trellis so they can run at will, except the hubbards, their a bit too big to hang around in the air. I like my zukes very small and tend so tend to pick them as soon as they blossom shrivels. This also provokes them into making more.

  4. denise

    I need to go buy tomato plants so I can hope to have a red one by July 4th–always the goal here–you’re doing a great job! I’m green with envy.

  5. I agree, summer squash will produce more abundantly if picked frequently, I too like to pick them small.

  6. Wonderful harvest! Your squash look lovely!

  7. Your garden looks awesome. We just started a veggie garden for the first time and we don’ t have any idea what we are doing. 😐 But so far so good. Yours looks great!

  8. Oh, those look wonderful! I raelly need to think about starting a garden here. It’s just a matter of building a strong enough fenced area or investing in a green house. We have a lot of deer and bear in our neighborhood.Great pictures — enjoy your squash!

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