We have winners!

Thanks to all of your support, we have winners in the “Reward the Reviewers!” contest. Believe me, I’m going to do this one again!

First prize: A $20 gift certificate to the online book source of her choice goes to:

Tara, the Book Babe!

Second place, her choice of any book in Book View Cafe goes to:

Annie Talbot!

And I also have a winner from the new subscribers to this blog who will receive the book of her choice from Book View Cafe:


This has been so much fun, and by coincidence, it has also let me highlight three terrific blogs.  We have everything we need here for a beautiful salon of the un-hairy persuasion. Great books, fascinating conversation, and delicious food. Check them out.

And thanks to all for making this such a success!




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6 responses to “We have winners!

  1. denise

    congrats to the winners!

  2. I don’t believe I’ve ever writetn a bad review — but then again, if I really dislike a book, I don’t put a review of it on my blog. But if an author contacts me, my review policy explains that I give honest and balanced reviews. I have read books where I wasn’t completely blown away by the book, but if I point out something I wasn’t wild about, I always balance it with something I did really like. I think that writing a negative review requires thought, and some finesse, so it doesn’t sound like an attack.

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