Harvest Monday (2012 April 30)

Today I am doing some time machine magic and taking you back to Monday, when this was supposed to be posted, and I was under the weather. Viola! See? It’s Monday! It says so right here on my post!

This week was a great week for squash.  Four of ’em.  Count ’em, FOUR! 11 ounces of squash! (My fave!)

Also, I gave the parsley a 9 ounce haircut, the mint 4 ounces, and garlic chives 4.6 ounces of trim. The parsley was planted in a pot last year and survived the winter. The rest has been part of our landscape for years.  So this wasn’t part of our new garden, but harvest is harvest!

That would make one weird salad.

Garlic is blooming all over! (Another landscape standard for as long as we’ve been homeowners with a place to plant it.)

Sunflowers in all states from bud to bloom. This bud the Resident Storm Chaser shot is my favorite pic of the week.

That’s what I call a full circle harvest.  We feed the birds, they scatter a few for our pleasure, then we let them go to seed and feed the birds again.

Next week I hope to have more exciting stuff.  Q-tips at the ready!

Find more bountiful harvests at Daphne’s Dandelions blog’s Harvest Monday.



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6 responses to “Harvest Monday (2012 April 30)

  1. I find the birds never plant the sunflowers where I need them. The most recent one to come up is right in the middle of the garden path. If I let it grow I wouldn’t be able to walk down there anymore.

    • Our sunflowers come up around the feeder which is in an awkward place in the front yard, which makes an overgrown patch of “stuff” that is taking over what was once a nice flowerbed. It’s not even pretty. But the Resident Storm Chaser likes sunflowers so we let them go. 🙂

  2. Garlic is in bloom already? You are way ahead of us!

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