Harvest Monday (23 April 2012)

Talk about a bumper crop!

Check this out. The biggest harvest yet.

Five ounces of greens!  Ruby chard and leaf lettuce, both green and red.  (The leaf lettuce is at the bottom of the bowl, hiding.)

We also found the critter that was munching.

<glares at critter>

This is the first time that I harvested more greens than we would eat and also harvested on a day when we weren’t going to have a salad, anyway, so–

My very own home-grown, organic bag-o-salad nestled in with the other veg in the keeper! It became the basis of a salad for five yesterday, with homemade moussaka and greek green beans with tomatoes. Yum!  In order to make those beans I also harvested a couple of ounces of mint and 4 ounces of parsley.  And later, for the salad, unweighed bits of dill, scallions, oregano, basil, and whatever else looked interesting as I zipped through the fields (ahem).


But! That’s not all. We also harvested our crop of snowpeas! I ate one before I remembered to take a picture. Ooops.  We started our garden too late for snowpeas. Next year…





And finally, may I have my drumroll and fanfare, please?  Our first squash! (Hide the children and Miss Max’s eyes. Q-tips were involved.) And I forgot to weigh! Will work it out next time I have two similar squashes to weigh. [ETA: I’m calling these at 6 oz; 3 oz ea.]

And that’s it! That’s our Harvest Monday!


This is a picture of a tiny pepper I showed you last week.  I don’t have a new pic, but this bitty pepper is turning purple.  I don’t know if that means its growth is stunted and we have a mini-pepper to pick, or if they continue growing. Somehow I thought the peppers grew green and then as they ripened changed colors.



Find more bountiful harvests at Daphne’s Dandelions blog’s Harvest Monday.



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14 responses to “Harvest Monday (23 April 2012)

  1. denise

    yum…still having frost here, so I’m living vicariously through you…should be able to plant soon (they had snow 50 miles west of me today)

    • I’ve seen that snow on television! It’s going to mess up the growing, for sure, with all those trees already leafed out, and who knows what else.

  2. Beautiful harvest. Well beautiful harvest except for the critter. He’s not so pretty.

  3. Growing stuff I can eat never, ever, fails to delight me… great harvest!

  4. Your Swiss Chard looks so pretty! Why, oh why can’t I learn to love cooked Swiss Chard! I use a little in my salads but it is mostly just growing! I haven’t even planted my squash yet. Lucky you! Can’t wait! Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

    • I’m picking it early for my salads, but I love it sauteed in olive oil with garlic and sea salt, and sometimes add other stuff–tomatoes, onions, zucchini…

  5. beautiful harvest – squish the cat and move on. – oh the bird feeder – LOVELY! Wonderful use of him!

  6. maryhysong

    great harvest! it’s going to be a bit before I have squash but I do have those green worms; the chickens love them!

  7. Linda

    Nice Harvest! I hate finding worms, I can’t squish them with my hands so I use scissor.

    • Oh, that’s smart. I put them in the birdfeeder, but if I killed them first, they’d still get eaten and I wouldn’t have to worry about them falling out and getting back into mischief.

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