Harvest Monday (16 April 2012)

Alas, I have no pictures of bright red strawberries to show off my harvest!  Last week I forgot to take the picture.  This week I decided to take the picture in advance and show progress:

Does that lizard look guilty to you?

In case they are lost in the busy-ness of the photo, check out the two perfect little white-ish/pink-ish strawberries near the center of the picture! They turned deep, bright red, perfect little berries just waiting to be plucked by the Resident Storm Chaser. When I informed him of the bountiful harvest awaiting his delectation, we went outside and–

They were gone.  All that remained were two clean cuts and not a trace of berry.

I have no idea what kind of critter got them.

But I have my suspects.

<glares at lizard>

I have been fighting pill bugs (I think that’s what I’m fighting, anyway) for my tender little leaves and the Sluggo Plus has helped everything except the first two peppers I planted.  They both had baby peppers on them.  One pepper bit the dust (literally) with some sort of hole in it.  I need to figure out if that is a clue to its murderer.

However, one remains perky. Tiny but perky. Which means, it may be a star of a future Harvest Monday!

Speaking of future Harvest Mondays, I’m hoping to have some of these:

But the bitty buggers are turning up like this and I don’t know if that is a sign that the squash was never pollinated or if it’s a sign of disease or if it’s a sign of pests. Help!

That is not really pecan pollen. It's this sassy girl's feather boa.

But wait! More hope for future Harvest Mondays!  This is either an Early Girl or a Green Zebra and I’m not sure which.  We have several baby tomatoes, if the birds or other critters don’t get them. Grrrowl. I am sensing a pattern here.

And finally, just because I know what you’re thinking, and you’re thinking, this girl can’t farm, she can’t garden, she can’t grow anything!

I have photographic proof of half of my harvest! (We ate the other half before I remembered to take a picture, but it’s pretty much identical to this half.) Two-point-three ounces of proof, I tell you!

And that's as bountiful as it gets on planet pooks.

But it was good ruby chard!

Find more bountiful harvests at Daphne’s Dandelions blog’s Harvest Monday.



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11 responses to “Harvest Monday (16 April 2012)

  1. denise

    saw a feature on yesterday’s “Sunday Gardener” on our local news that there is a new pest in the US and if you see it, you shold take it to the local EXT office–you may not have the problem down there since we have different pests and growing regions, but many university EXT offices will ID stuff from a photo emailed to them–UM will here …my tomatoes are forever battling a harmelss wasp (doesn’t sting) that lays eggs in vegetation (eggs look like a row of rice)…best wishes for strawberries–they don’t ripen here until late may-early june

  2. maryhysong

    your squash looks like a pollination problem, you can easily hand pollinate to be sure. There are a couple other things I’ll mention in case they apply. If the plants were dry and wilty from lack of water when the flowers were trying to open, then that could cause it (again not pollinated). Or sometimes squash will get blossom end rot just like tomatoes and peppers, caused by a lack of calcium when the fruit is forming.

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate you letting me know. That’s what I suspected, and today I went out and hand pollinated the open blossoms. I’ll continue doing that. I only have two squash plants and if anybody around me gardens, I’m not aware of it. I’m not seeing much bee/butterfly activity, either. There are ants going in and out of the blossoms though. I don’t know if they pollinate or if that is a problem.

      Again, THANK you!

  3. I think Mary is right on. Most of the time that squash doesn’t set it is a pollination problem. But I’ve had plants be too stressed out to set too.

    • Thanks, Daphne! I missed my opportunity to pollinate today, because when I went out this afternoon the flowers were shriveled and closed. There is a learning curve, isn’t there? Early tomorrow, though. Those ladies better open up and say, “Aaah!”

  4. I just caught a squirrel in my strawberries! grrr! I hope you get to eat your next strawberries. It’s always so disappointing to have your harvest snatched especially when it’s the first strawberries!

    • A squirrel! Well we do have squirrels though none would get close when my dog, Bellatrix the Squirrel Killer, is in the yard. OTOH, she’s in the house a lot! Oooooh, I will not feel guilty any more when she gets one!

  5. Andrea

    Oh the challenges of gardening!!! i bet those strawberries would of tasted great! Lets hope you get the next lot………maybe a little netting over the plants?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and yes the mushrooms were given the ok, although we haven’t cooked them up yet.

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