Harvest Monday – April 9, 2012

Today is my first day to record my harvest (and yes I am sort of amused at the idea of calling what I’m doing harvesting).

But harvest it is, and document I will, in order to participate in Daphne’s Dandelions blog’s Harvest Monday.

It may not be much of a harvest but it’s what I’ve got. And hey, it’s over two ounces! 2.3, to be precise!

1 oz mizuna early mustard greens grown from seed

.70 oz ruby chard grown from purchased plants

.60 garlic chives which have been growing in my front yard for years but I’ve never actually harvested before

1 strawberry which I forgot to photograph

If I assume each of our salads this year weighed about this much, I may have harvested a pound of greens, plus the pinches of various herbs I chop and scatter on the salads.  I think I’m going to say I’ve harvested one pound from my garden, and move forward.

Yes, something is munching on my organic garden. Sluggo to the rescue, I hope!

Crookneck yellow squash may be forming. Scarlet runners and pintos are climbing. Blue potatoes are going crazy. Other stuff progresses nicely, including ‘maters. Fingers crossed for future harvests.

squash blossom




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10 responses to “Harvest Monday – April 9, 2012

  1. Sounds like things are going really well for you right now. Good luck.

  2. Your “harvest” looks great. Yes, I definitely think you should call it that! Congratulations on beginning a new garden this year. For all the challenges and big learning curve, I hope you have tons of success! Blogging with other gardeners helps a ton.

  3. mac

    Congrats on your harvest, every little bit counts.
    You have squash blossoms already? I probably should start some squash and and melon seeds soon.

    • I bought two crookneck yellow squash plants and put them out and they are blooming. The tomato plants I bought and put out are also blooming, but they aren’t setting because it’s too cool, I think. Next year I’ll figure out when to start from seeds indoors. This year I waited too long. However, I also planted some Benings green squash and straightneck directly into ground from seed and they’ve popped up with a few leaves, as have the scarlet runners and pinto beans I planted from seed. I’m slowly learning!

  4. I have never had a garden as healthy as yours. Gawjuss, Pooks.

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