The Tidbit Friday's Daughter

I hereby decree this day Tidbit Friday on planetpooks.

Cause that’s all I got.


Tidbit One: I’m thinking of cooking lamb for Easter. My family has never eaten lamb. I’ve never cooked it. This is the recipe. Tell me what you think, and possibly, save me from disaster.

If that means nothing to you, save my family. They’re the innocents in this plot.  Well, if you don’t count the lamb.



Tidbit Two: A week before she was due to bring me out, I overheard Mrs. Maynard saying I was “not quite…”

First sentence of Half a Crown by Jo Walton. As first sentences go, it’s not the strongest, since this book is about much more than a young woman “coming out” as a debutante and being presented to young Queen Elizabeth in an alternate 1960 England. It took me a bit to figure out who she was, and once I did, I was much more vested in the story–though truth to tell I was already very vested since this is the third and final book in the England-negotiates-truce-with-Hitler series I’ve been reading: Farthing, Ha’penny and now Half a Crown. From the Book Beginnings meme. Go join in, live a little.

Tidbit Three: It seems that The _______ Daughter is an extremely popular titling device. Emily St. John Mandel got to 531 before she gave up and stopped counting. However, she also made spreadsheets and pie charts, she did.


Tidbit Four:  Posting these links on facebook is having an interesting result, if you call deleting 47 spam comments interesting.




Tidbit Five:  I’m still pondering the lamb thing. Oh and the chicken thing. The spammers loved that one a lot.



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5 responses to “The Tidbit Friday's Daughter

  1. Thanks for joining in on Book Beginnings. Sorry the post was messed up this morning. I fixed it all, got Mr. Linky up, and added your link.

    Braised lamb shank is my husband’s favorite food, so I make it a lot. It’s easy and delicious — if your family likes pot-roast type dishes. Yum!

    The ______’s Daughter title has bugged me for years. I will have to go see the list and pie charts.

    • My family loves pot roast. So I may go ahead and give this a shot. We have a few allergies to work around, and lamb is probably safe since nobody has eaten enough of it to develop a sensitivity!

  2. Cute post. Hope you Easter Dinner turns out great.

    • Thanks. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try the lamb. Nobody has tried to talk me out of it yet and a couple of people have snagged the recipe to use themselves.

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