The Easter Critters I Did Not Buy

But oh did I want to.

I have been reading way too much about urban farms and watching way too many videos and reading way too many blogs about the fabulous chicken coops estates and bunny hutches.




Ooops! I accidentally embedded one.

Ooops, again!

(What can I say? My fingers, I washed them and can’t do a thing with them.)

What do I mean by dangerous?

Dangerous enough to convince myself that my dogs (including the squirrel-killer) would not harm a sweet little Dutch bunny like the one I saw at the feed store and wanted to bring home to cuddle and play with and then feed it so it would produce lots of compost/manure.

Dangerous enough to tempt me to buy the wee little Buff Orpington chickies that would grow up and lay fabulous eggs and follow me around the yard and garden like a pet while the dogs (including the bird-killer) watched over them and protected them from predators.

But I have to be strong and resist temptation because we travel and anybody who travels should not have barnyard animals to worry about while they are gone.

Did I mention that the Resident Storm Chaser is allergic to eggs?

See? I’m strong. No chickens. No rabbits. No goats. (Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the goats, did I?)

So I truly have that out of my system.

Did you notice when you followed that link (because I knew you would) that there are Buff Orpingtons in those pictures?

Actually they are probably Rhode Island Reds. I know these things. I am a chicken expert because I Read Blogs. Even though I am not going to get any chickens.

Did you know you can decorate your chicken coop for Christmas?

Seriously. I am not.

Did you know some chickens lay colored eggs? As in blue? And green? Easter egg chickens!!!!

Okay, I’m through for now.


See? She wuvs them.





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5 responses to “The Easter Critters I Did Not Buy

  1. denise

    who knew you could have your own 5-star coop for your chicks–Dad would thing that such a waste of $$.

    knew about the different colored eggs–have seen some at a local farm…pale mint green are really pretty…depends on the breed/color of chicken and what they are fed what color they lay…

    if you bake, I can give you a recipe for an egg-free chocolate cake

    sure is a nice coop she built!

    • Egg-free chocolate cake would be great!

      I read that you can tell what color eggs chickens will lay by looking at their earlobes. Chickens have earlobes???

      Send your dad the link to the chicken coop. It will make his day. Or he might like the video of the blonde building her coop. She wears skimpy clothes.

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