We interrupt this program…

To share a few pics from today’s weather in Dallas.  When stormy weather strikes, the Resident Storm Chaser hits the road.

This time he took me with him.

These are all copyrighted by me, because I took them. Yes, you got that straight. They may not be great, but they are mine.

Forney, Texas--Rolled down window, took picture.


Forney, Texas--Through the windshield.

Forney, TX--School Parking Lot

No fatalities today, and a lot of that is because of the spotters and storm chasers out there who report in so that warnings can be sent for people to take cover. Great job, local media, for following it so closely, too.

And if you ever doubted–the Resident Storm Chaser is definitely a Gryffindor.

Well, somebody has to save the world.



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7 responses to “We interrupt this program…

  1. Wow. Just wow. You two are so brave, thanks for sharing.
    Did they say the f numbers of these tornados?

    • They won’t know for sure until they investigate and assess the damage. They said the Forney damage looks possibly F3, but that also depends on the construction of the houses that were flattened. If they weren’t anchored to the foundation well, they would not hold up to the wind that another better-constructed house would, for example. So they have to assess that before they can really say.

  2. deb

    Wow.. nice pictures… Thanks for sharing!

    • There are a lot of better, more impressive pictures, but these were what I saw so I figured I’d post for my own memories, if nothing else! Thanks!

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  4. Angeline Churchill

    How scary AND exciting. Love your pics. If Sam ever needs a ride along in North Oak Cliff, I volunteer!!!

    • I’ll let him know, but he doesn’t even let media ride with him. He always sends them elsewhere to other chasers who like the attention.

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