How You and Bees (that don't sting!) Can Save the World

Maybe you’ve seen that honey bees are in crisis, possibly because of pesticides and genetically modified crops that are now the primary crops grown in the US and possibly other causes as yet unidentified.

Maybe you’ve seen that if honey bees and other pollinators don’t flit about doing their buzzy thing from one blossom to the next, blossoms aren’t pollinated and fruit and vegetables don’t grow.

If you haven’t, google terms like “honey bee crisis” and you’ll find more articles than you can imagine from sources around the world.

But one thing kind of slides under our radar. The European honey bee is an import. (Duh.) And we have native bees on this continent that do the job just as well. Bees that don’t make honey (which is probably why we’ve pretty much ignored them) and don’t sting (wait, this is sounding good) and do the same job as the disappearing honey bees (okay, great maybe?) and that you can host in your garden or apartment balcony without elaborate bee hives and such (bingo!).

Click for source of photo and article.Mason bees.

Instead of communal hives they lay their eggs in 6″ long tubes, wherever they can find them.  And if you provide the tubes, they will come.

They can be simple bamboo or reeds that you find or buy, or specially made tubes.

You can find out by surfing the web and reading articles or watching youtube videos.

You can follow Martha Stewart’s example and just tie some  tubes together with twine.

 You can drill tube holes in wood.

You can buy cute ones like this, or maybe make one by sticking tubes in a basket and hanging it.

They can be simple or cute or both!

Made by teens in Marquette, MI

Loooove this one.


Great use of scrap wood. This guy sells them on etsy.

Click to see more!

And while you’re at it, you just might want to plant a few zinnias or sunflowers or other easy bee-attracting plants.

Click to see pretty blog source of image.

That easy. And you can help save the world.

Because without pollinators there is no food.



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6 responses to “How You and Bees (that don't sting!) Can Save the World

  1. denise

    cute hives…my dad retired, and to keep active, he started his own apiary as a hobby (has a certification from the University of TN) because the foxes and snakes were killing his chickens&guineas…he even changed his gardening habits and is now pesticide-free to help the bees thrive–although he lost several hives over the winter :(…and I have honey out the ying-yang

    • Does he not have chickens any more? I’m looking at a lot of chicken coops although I won’t get chickens because we travel and having somebody tend them would get problematical since the family I would ordinarily ask to take care of things often travels with us.

      But I was thinking that sinking the chicken wire (or similar) into the ground around the coop makes it difficult to impossible for critters to get in there.

      • denise

        he gave up the chickens, but still has the guineas. he was buying the chickens from 4h, but after the weasels, foxes and snakes got the best ones, he gave up. plus, he had so many eggs and the place where he was selling them closed, so it wasn’t worth it for him anymore. Chickens ran loose during the day and put up at night. Not sure of the best way to keep out critters.

        Dad didn’t have thet kind of coop that’s like a pen. he’s using one of the old outbuildings–might be the old hog pen. My dad puts the red in redneck and is definitely a hillbilly–in Appalachia! My cousin Sheryl and I are the only 4-year college grads and one of my brothers has a 2-year degree. Dad went North for work in the 60’s and worked at Chrysler. It’s the only reason he has a decent retirement and $$ living where he does now–and why he went back after retirement. He wanted me to go to school in the South (to find a college-educated Southerner and then he wouldn’t feel like guilty when he moved back)–I was admitted to some–but he wouldn’t pay the out- of- state tuition. I didn’t go to college for an MRS. 🙂 Married a damn yankee, too.

      • LOLOL! Well, Yankees do have their uses, and I’m glad you found a good one.

        Did you meet the Yankee in college?

      • denise

        met him there but didn’t date until after graduation; he had already moved to another city …his job paid more, so I moved when we tied the knot almost 20 years ago

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