How does my garden grow?

My new infatuation is–the garden. Totally organic, a square foot garden. The Number One S0n (in age/arrival) built the first raised bed frame for me.

Feb 20, garden ready to plant!

Feb 21 You may call buying plants at the organic nursery cheating. I call it giving the garden a chance, since I don't know what I'm doing. Plus, instant salad! Plus, I'm planting seeds, too.


Then the Resident Storm Chaser took over and added two more. This required the judicious carnage that resulted in removing about 1/3 of Audrey II, the rose bush that grew to encompass the entire sunny area of our back yard in ten short years. You can see where the foliage is missing and her bare limbs are exposed. Naughty girl.

March 15 More garden space, more raised beds, we are getting ready to rumble!

I misjudged what could be planted effectively in a square foot and what could not, so I am also using big plastic pots to grow the things that otherwise would sprawl too wide and take up too much room–squash and tomatoes and one pot of potatoes. (One entire raised bed has been devoted to potatoes, as well. It’s a couple of inches deeper–12 instead of 10–and is behind the planted bed in hte picture. Note roses sprawling over it.

Yesterday I decided to take a picture with my MacBook. It’s not sharp, but it gives you the general idea of the state of the garden on March 27.

March 27 State of the garden report, all beds have crops planted in them, though there are still empty squares to use. The great farm experiment of 2012 is officially rockin' the casbah!

Note Audrey II, still hogging more than her share of the sun and space, the tart. There will be more about her in a later entry.

For the record, we’ve eaten numerous salads out of the garden–the joy of planting bedding plants instead of seeds is “instant salad.” I minced up various herbs to sprinkle over the top and we didn’t even add dressing.

I will not post images of me modeling the requisite fashion sensibilities of organic gardening. But you can imagine it. Sunscreen, chicken manure, cotton burr compost and sweat. Jeans, t-shirt, wide-brimmed hat.

Okay, okay, you win. Here I am!

Click image for more fabu garden fashions!

How does YOUR garden grow?

[This is cross-posted onto my “infatuation du jour” page. Also, now that I’ve built these square foot gardens, I have actually decided to read the Square Foot Garden book and see what I’ve done wrong. Go me!]



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2 responses to “How does my garden grow?

  1. denise

    looks wonderful…only a eensy bit jealous…

    too early to plant here, generally use the rule to plant after mother’s day because of the chance of freezing–neighbors made that mistake and lost plants the past few nights…I knew she was planting to early but couldn’t be the bearer of bad news (wouldn’t have made a difference–they were determined to plant) …and I gave a sympathetic ear over the lost plants

    • For a lot of vegetables we have a relatively short growing season because it gets so hot at night here. Tomatoes can bloom like crazy but never set because it’s too hot. And yet if you plant too early, you can get caught by a freeze. A friend in Canada has a short growing season but her days (sunshine) are so long, she says you can practically see the stuff growing before your eyes. She said their garden is always lush and prolific once they can actually plant. But they can’t grow tomatoes unless they have a greenhouse.

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