Bloodletting Resumes

In the sidebar I have “Bloodletting,” which is supposed to track and document my last (well, I can dream) pass through my novel, the first in the trilogy I’ve been working on for awhile now.  I decided to go by chapters, how many I have rewritten.

Right away, I bumped up against issues. One of the things I’ve been considering is breaking up some of the longer chapters so keeping track by chapter number will be a bit confusing as the chapter numbers change.

Also, I had done 3 but now am going back into them.

No matter; it’s all excuses, really.

Today (Monday) I am going back into it. Rewriting. Writing. A daily practice. No excuses.

This means if you ever were going to give me notes or feedback on it, it’s not too late. Specific or general, no matter.

Pooks Cleaning Off Desk

Which also means, I have to clean off my desk.

Oh hush.




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2 responses to “Bloodletting Resumes

  1. denise

    I think you need a virtual (((hug))) from a fan rather than a literary leech today. 🙂 Best wishes.

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