Beating the Cat

I was thrilled when Dallas writer Rick DeMille dropped me a line to let me know he was guest-blogging on the Save the Cat website.

This is cool on so many levels. If you clicked his name, you might have noticed that it took you to a UK website–Rick’s publisher.  I’m sure this comes as news to you, but anything UK just makes me grin. Rick’s first novel, Hellfire, an international thriller, is set in Wales.  I didn’t know Rick had a book out, and now I have a new British-setting book to read. Score!

[Speaking of Wales, the Resident Storm Chaser and I have just discovered Torchwood and we love it. I’d been told it was a spinoff of Dr Who and hadn’t watched it figuring I didn’t know enough Dr Who to spin off… was wrong. Totally. Wrong. Torchwood rocks. Sorry, I digress.]

Rick knows I am a big proponent of the writing tools of Blake Snyder as described in his books, beginning with Save The Cat! , which is why he let me know about his presence on the blog. I’m so glad he did. If you are a writer who has struggled with the one-page synopsis, let Rick tell you how he used Save the Cat’s beat sheet to conquer that mountain.  Or, as I call it, beating the cat.

Yes. One single page can be a mountain. Writers? Am I wrong?

I love when former students check in to let me know what’s going on in their careers. Thanks, Rick!



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2 responses to “Beating the Cat

  1. denise

    great ideas

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