Loving Flavia

I’ve been talking about the Flavia de Luce series for weeks now, and yes, in case you missed the memo, I love it. Flavia, the ten-year-old chemistry prodigy with a passion for poisons. She isn’t afraid to use them, either.

I have only one disclaimer.

Her sisters deserve it.

And so I share the book trailer*.

And a trailer for one of the German editions:

And a title sequence of “the movie” (which doesn’t exist) that was apparently someone’s class project:

I love Flavia!

*This voiceover is from the audiobook.






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4 responses to “Loving Flavia

  1. denise

    fun…the girl in the German one looks like Wednesday Addams

    • She does look like Wednesday. That’s an appropriate connection, too, because Flavia is darkly humorous.

      • denise

        thanks… odd trivia–John Astin teaches at Hopkins now (Baltimore is his hometown and he does a lot of Poe one-man shows). I knew that, but he was featured in article in THE SUN because The Addams Family musical was in town. I had Addams Family on my mind but would have thought of Wednesday, regardless.

      • He would be brilliant as Poe!

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