I'm the one.

I’m the one person in the entire United States of America who loves Daylight Savings Time!

I love having more hours of daylight at the end of the day.

I love getting an extra hour’s sleep one Saturday night/Sunday morning in autumn.

But spring forward?


Drag forward, more like it.

I’ll adjust eventually. In the meantime, I’m going out on my wet patio to read Ha’Penny.



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2 responses to “I'm the one.

  1. denise

    it doesn’t bother me–except the adjustment. give me a few days and I won’t be cranky–I’ll just blame PMS instead of the time change. lol.

    enjoy your book.

    • I’m looooving my book. This series is terrific. (The alternate history if England negotiated peace with Hitler instead of fighting, current book, Ha’penny.)

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