Three fun things.

People who know me well know I love my Moleskines.  So I was delighted to run across this today:

Alas, I am not even artistic enough to write fun font-y sayings in a Moleskine, but I enjoyed seeing what this man has done with them and what the blogger intended to do with hers.

Oh, to live in Australia where there are Eco Faeries! (Okay, I don’t really want to live in Australia; I want to live in England, but still, Eco Faeries look like so much fun.)

And finally, care for some gun powder for your toothpaste?

What fun things have you run across lately?




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5 responses to “Three fun things.

  1. denise

    And poor Ralphie was made to worry about putting an eye out with a BB gun whilst others were polishing their teeth with gunpowder in another century…lol…and Remington Firearms used to be based out of Bridgeport, CT…hmmm

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