Summer's coming! Does your e-reader need a coverup?

Were you expecting a Nook or Kindle in a bikini, needing a drape to cover up its [lack of] curves?

A week or two ago I mentioned my new Kindle cover, and now I can show you how gorgeous it is because I finally borrowed the Resident Storm Chaser’s camera cable and downloaded my pics.

I am so much in love with this cover! It fits the Kindle Touch, although Verso, the manufacturer, makes covers for various other e-readers, as well. It’s not just more like holding a “real” book, it’s like more like holding a lovely old leather-bound book, which is totally the best of both worlds. If ever there was a way to make reading an e-reader an example of “both” rather than “either/or,” this is it.

But what if you want something fun and flirty? Something to slip into when you need a bit of soft padding and protection from scratches rather than the formality of [fake] leather?

My friend Lanetta to the rescue!

Whether you want leopardskin or sparkles or pink or camo, she’s got the stuff (at great prices)!

And finally, THIS JUST IN! Maybe it should get its own post, and maybe it will later, but for now–my script Redemption is on a fabulous producer’s desk right now, under consideration for getting made into a movie.

Yes. That’s right. The very same story as La Desperada–the same script that is available in the La Desperada download–is once again drawing attention to itself and spreading its wings in an attempt to soar into the celluloid skies.

Everybody together–fingers crossed!






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9 responses to “Summer's coming! Does your e-reader need a coverup?

  1. Kari Sperring


  2. denise

    best wishes on the script being picked up for a movie…

    love your cover…this is what mine looks like:

  3. Thanks, Patti! It’s fun making different cover ups for the e-Reader devices!

    Good luck on Redemption! Can’t wait to see it at the movies!

  4. Oh, I have to take a picture of my new cover! It’s real leather, and purple, and feels very nice in my hands.

    The company making them is called Oberon Design:

    I had their website open in my browser for about a week, because it was so hard to choose which one to order.

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