Lanetta's Excel-lent worldbuilding!

Awhile back I posted about worldbuilding and writing and such.  I even threw in a heavy dose of Regency cant at the end.

In comments, my friend Lanetta mentioned that she does the worldbuilding for her books in Excel.

That intrigued me, and I asked her to blog about her process and I would link to it.

She did!

And now, a month later, I’m finally linking.

This is really interesting to me, because I never considered importing images into Excel.

I’ll still be using Scrivener [pooks recommends page] because of the degree of detail I need, but I can definitely see how Excel works, and it is often a program people already have.  What are you tricks of the trade? How do you keep your research organized and your worldbuilding at your fingertips? Send pics! Tell me.  I love this stuff.



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2 responses to “Lanetta's Excel-lent worldbuilding!

  1. Tim Miller

    That is interesting. I usually outline my more complex scripts in Excel, because it requires me to know what each character is doing at all times. And I always have a column for visual metaphors. But I’d never thought about bringing actual images into it.

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