My Imaginary Me Doesn't Live Here Any More

I have spent an entire unproductive morning combing the pages of estate agents and letting agents for affordable little cottages or flats with pretty vistas in Cornwall and no such thing exists. [Although letting–renting for you Yanks–is much more approachable than buying.]

Why am I doing this?

I. Don’t. Know!

And since I am not going to move to Cornwall or even spend an extended period there, meaning, I don’t have to actually be able to afford anything I see, thus could find a gorgeous manor with sea vistas and hopping distance from the coastal path, you’d think this would be a pleasant morning’s diversion.

But no, oh no, not for me. I have to complicate things by looking for something I could almost maybe afford so that it tantalizes with the, “You know, you really could do this…” siren song.

I may have to write a book about a woman who lives my imaginary life in Cornwall.

Which leaves me wondering, do I plot sex or murder?

Will this be romance or thriller?

I do not have time for this book that I am not going to write just so I can live in an imaginary flat with a gorgeous sea view in Cornwall which I cannot afford which means I will probably have a view of the garden [if I am lucky] or step straight out the door into the street [if I choose a place in the village so I’m walking distance to pub, chippie and shopping].

[bookmarking all pages so can return to daydreaming research work this afternoon]

Where does your imaginary you live?



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9 responses to “My Imaginary Me Doesn't Live Here Any More

  1. Melissa

    First let me start of with respect to the book you’re not going to write, why not go for it all? Romance, sex, murder, and suspense all sounds delicious together!

    I’ve actually found your post most humorous because I was doing the exact same thing this morning! I sat down to work on my book when Pinterest began calling to me. And so, I too began “researching” settings for a book I’d never write to take place somewhere on the Mediterranean seaside. I actually “pinned” an unbelievable villa in Montecito and a breathtaking Spinaltermine Villa in Tuscany. So, yes, Italy, Spain, Greece, all places my imaginary Me would spend her days capturing the amazing hillsides and villas on canvas, indulging in the freshest and most succulent country foods, dancing through cobble-stone streets to the beautiful Cantautori music coming out of bakeries and cafes, and spending romantic dinners with Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Mysterious by candlelight.


    • I want to live in that place, too! Or at least visit for awhile. That’s what I love about reading, and what I love about writing. Because wherever you choose to write about, whichever characters you write about, you end up living in their world and they end up living in your head, so you may as well choose some place that connects! As for the world I’m playing in right now, sometimes these things take years to gestate, or I have another idea later and thing, wow–that idea and this idea will go together and suddenly the book is screaming to be written. That’s why I am thinking this may be the beginning of something. I won’t rush it. Pinterest or Scrivener or any system that works just lets us collect ingredients to do a slow simmer! (I really want to go to the Greek Isles someday. But anywhere on the Mediterranean would work.

  2. Jacqueline

    Pooks, Tregathenan outside of Helston, Cornwall. Both a B and B (the original house) or adjacent units built from the original farm buildings. A hundreds year old property. Affordable, lovely, and doors open to a garden and beautiful open fields. Within a few miles of coast and easy drive throughout Cornwall. Great site for a murder mystery. Local or perhaps, Michael’s Mount castle on an isle in the bay that can be reached by foot when the tide is down. Frankly, you would love the area and there are a lot of stories in “the air” for the grabbing!

    • Oh, we were there last spring. St. Michael’s Mount is wonderful. Our cottages (we stayed at two) both had ocean views that were amazing. Thing is, those things rent for the week for more than some places (without such views) rent for a month.

      But send me the name of that B&B. Ya never know! And we focused all our research on West Penwith, especially the Lands End/Sennen Cove/Zennen coastline, and neolithic sites and villages and such. We did hit Penzance several times (shopping, buying petrol, eating) but never got to Helston. On a previous trip we did Polperro, Tintagel, covered a wider swath but this time we got to our first stop and never left!

  3. Ilene

    Penzance is one of the most famous towns in Cornwall, the namesake of the Gilbert & Sullivan ditty “Pirates of Penzance.” G&S may have chosen this a very lovely and old-fashioned English seaside town for its tiny cottages by the sea framed by flower boxes and slow pace (even by rural British standards). Charming tea shops and cobblestone streets make it the ideal setting for a novel or script that will tease the secret anglophile in every Yank’s heart.

    Okay, enough with the travel writers’ talk. My mind-space is filled with travel to wherever it suits my fancy… and the ability to head there on the fly. Be it the beaches of Hawaii, nachos and a cheap margarita in Ensenada or the hot Santa Ana winds blowing across my face in the desert… I am so there.

    The man I work for came from Melbourne, Australia, and lives in No. CA. He spent all of last summer in Europe vacationing with the fam. Living the dream. Oh, yeah!

    • That is the dream, isn’t it? There are so many places I would love to live–but not forever. To be able to sink down roots even for a month, know I could stay a year if I wanted, or fly off to another place on a whim? Nirvana!

  4. denise

    romantic thriller with sex and murder–seems simple to me lol

    • When you put it that way…!

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