Speaking of Valentine's Day…

Isn’t this just the most perfect gift?

It’s red.

And it fits my Kindle.

How much more perfect could it get?

Verso makes really great covers, I’ve found. They look like leatherbound books.



I loved the green one but it’s for a Kindle Fire, alas.




Still… red. Valentine’s Day!

Ssssh! Don’t tell the Resident Storm Chaser but he got me this very Kindle cover for my Valentine’s Day gift.

Isn’t he the greatest?



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3 responses to “Speaking of Valentine's Day…

  1. denise

    I love those covers. I have the hot pink leather one from the Amazon site. I was at a LAX tryout for my oldest and another mom complemented me on it and showed me hers–the same one! Most of my friends have Vera covers.

    I have some faux books (wooden with faux leather) that are storage boxes. I saw one before Christmas at an over-priced boutique near me. I went on e-bay and found it for a price I was willing to pay. My book–GONE WITH THE WIND. It’s my favorite and I used to be quite the Windie (GWTW uberfan) a while back. I sold most of my collection before the economy tanked. I mostly kept my books. First editions, but not first printings (no dust jackets). I also have the screenplay in a book format with the dust jacket (jacket is in really poor condition). It’s not from 1939 and it’s probably not worth much anymore.

    Those storage boxes can be found for a lot of classics and come in several sizes.

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