Today is the day!

The ebook La Desperada (the novel) and “Redemption” (the script) are officially for sale together for the same low price, $4.99!

Available as either a .mobi (Kindle) download or an  .epub download (for those with Nooks and other ereaders) at Book View Cafe.

What is Book View Café?

BVC is a small digital publisher with offerings from all genres, science fiction to romance to historical to mystery to mainstream to nonfiction. We are a cooperative of published authors/editors/publishing professionals who share our skills as editors, copyeditors, formatters, cover artists, and site maintainers. We offer both reprints and new books. Our books are DRM-free, can be bought from outside the USA, are VAT-free and there are no download charges.

I’m proud to be a member of this group of talented, award-winning, best-selling writers.

The ebook is also available from,,,, and more, also for $5.99 or the equivalent, and I’m equally happy for you to buy it there. Go buy a lot of them. Make me an Amazon best seller!

What are you waiting for?








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2 responses to “Today is the day!

  1. denise

    I had amazon $, so I bought it at amazon. sorry you won’t get as much profit.

    • Oh goodness, I don’t care about that. Maybe I should, but I don’t. I just give the info because a lot of people have asked me questions about Book View Cafe!

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