Wow. And again, wow.

When I started my tumblr, a book in the hand, it was just a fun kind of thing to do.  And it still is, when I have time.

During Banned Books Week I stumbled across an archetypal image so stunning, it caught me in the gut.

I posted it to tumblr:

Oak Park Illinois Library


The story behind it is that Oak Park Illinois Library set up “mugshots” so that people could have their pictures taken reading their favorite banned books. That is the most amazing idea ever. I’d love for our library to do that.

Since I posted it on tumblr, that image has been reblogged 2,552 times.


That, my friends, blows my mind. It’s this person snagging it and posting it and several of their followers snagging it and posting it until there is a spiderweb reaching in all directions of people who were just as taken by this image as I was. Thousands of people, and the center of that tumblr spiderweb started here.

On my little tumblr page.

Oh, okay, if you insist, it actually it started on the library’s flickr page, if you want to get technical about it.

But who’s keeping score?

[OMG, it hit 2,557 while I was typing this entry!]







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4 responses to “Wow. And again, wow.

  1. denise

    Cool! When I was in high school (in the 80’s), I had a pin on my jean jacket that said ” I Read Banned Books.” Still have the pin. A girl in my high school tried to have ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN banned. She lost!

    • I have a pin that says “Muggles for Harry Potter” which I bought to support the books when they were being banned for being satanic. Still have it, and I wear it during banned books week.

      • denise


        The irony is that a lot of people actually parallel the books with Christianity. Our former Youth minister lead a special class for the older kids and they reviewed the first 4 0r 5 movies–didn’t have time to add in the books. By the time the classes were over, ,the latest–at that time–was in the theater and they went to watch it. He based the class on a book someone had written. I was a chaperone for one of the classes and could see the parallels he brought up. It was an interesting class, regardless.

      • I recall that book, though I never read it. My church had a Harry Potter themed Vacation Bible School, with the four “Houses” doing different projects. I’m so glad there are sensible people around!

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