Guardian of the Balance

Irene Radford’s master-work series Merlin’s Descendants starts with the premise that Merlin had a daughter, a simple idea that takes root in the opening passages of Guardian of the Balance, the single time when Merlin breaks his vows of celibacy.

The book follows Wren through the political, magical and religious intricacies of an age when the great shift between the old ways and new was happening amidst passion, blood and betrayal.  It’s a book steeped in legend and mythology, exceedingly well-researched, yet striking off into new territory, taking the threads of Arthurian history as recorded and knotting them into new directions.

I was thoroughly captivated by this epic fantasy and its strong love story/subplot.  I recommend it.

Available in paperback at Amazon and the usual suspects, or ebook, [.epub or .mobi] through Book View Cafe, with the other ebooks to follow one per month from BVC until the series is complete.




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2 responses to “Guardian of the Balance

  1. denise

    sounds cool…THE MISTS OF AVALON was such a favorite as a teenager, I’m sure I’d love this take, too

    • I think the series has five books in it, starting with this one and moving forward to various times in history when Merlin’s descendants once again had to “get involved.” I look forward to reading the others.

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