Rollin' the blogs!

I have discovered an eclectivity of blogs to read this past year or so. [And made up a word. Eclectivity. Use it. I dare you.]

Once upon a time blogs were more popular and there were a number that I read.  I followed them by RSS feed and sometimes if I missed a few days, the feed was so overwhelming I’d just ignore it for weeks.  Not a very efficient method of doing something I actually enjoyed doing.

These days it’s easier. As I’ve pointed out before, all you have to do is sign up [see top of sidebar on right] to get a blog in email.  It doesn’t pile up unread. I can glance and delete quite easily if I don’t have time or am not interested.  Or read and enjoy.  And frankly, all of the blogs I’m following this way are ones I read and enjoy.

Without further ado, let me share a sampling of blogs I enjoy enough to have them delivered via email.

An on the nose title for an off the charts blog. English History Fiction Writers Blog. I discovered it via Nancy Bilyeau, whose Tudor-era mystery will be out in January and I can’t wait. This entry gives a glimpse of the heart of her book, and I’m already salivating.

Speaking of eclectic, Bill Chance is. If you’re from Dallas, I can almost guarantee that this Detroit-transplant has found places you don’t know. His reading and movie-watching are definitely off the beaten tracks and his exploration of the world around him is definitely worth checking out.

Ah, and then there is Peggy Isaacs. I am trying to remember if she let the snark fly when she was taking my classes and honestly don’t recall, but she definitely shares her attitude freely in her blog, and I am vastly entertained. Watch out for the animals. Her Man vs Beast feature is out to get you.

Through another blog, An Austin Homestead [she has a spinning wheel and a Corgi, how cool is that?] I discovered Nude Soap. Primarily because the blogger makes it, and owns the company. I bought some soap and creams for Christmas gifts and everything is getting raves. I can’t say enough about it, and will add it to the pooks recs page. But I have to point out that An Austin Homestead is no longer in Austin. She moved to Oregon! But I’m sure she’ll continue to make me drool over her vegetables and fruits and chickens and what-nots, just like I did when she was in Austin.

This is the impact she had on me this Christmas. Because of her blog, I, pooks, the not-very-domestic-goddess, baked cookies.  And not just cookies–drop cookies that anybody can manage. The roll-and-cut-with-cookie-cutter cookies. I was inspired by cookies on her site, and used the directions from this video, and ended up with gingerbread Texas cookies!

I was going to post a picture.

I can’t find my cable to download the pics.

User your imagination.  They were big!

Meanwhile... Saved! Found the cable!

PS Time is running out. If you want a chance to win a book of your choice in my contest, subscribe to this blog and comment here before midnight Dallas time, January 6!







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6 responses to “Rollin' the blogs!

  1. I never could successfully make a gingerbread cookie.

    • Yes you could. I swear, I had my laptop in the kitchen and followed that (kind of scary) woman step by step and it worked. I didn’t skip a step.

      I will post the picture as soon as I find the cable.

      PS She is kind of scary like an SNL parody of a public television person. I would avoid looking into her eyes.

      PPS You should be reading Bill Chance. Seriously.

  2. denise

    I used the betty crocker gingerbread mix and made drop cookies for Christmas–I have made cutouts in the past but never one of TX 🙂

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