The Gift of the Year

I should have bought twice as many.

Yes, it’s a Scalp Massager!

It may look like an antenna for helping you contact the mother ship. (Well, I’m not saying it’s not, for that matter.)

But it’s a therapeutic apparatus that will heal… okay, maybe not a thing.

But it sure feels good.

What weird and crazy gifts showed up in your stocking this year?



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4 responses to “The Gift of the Year

  1. I got a flying sock monkey! Its arms act like a sling-shot, and when you shoot him off, he makes screaming monkey sounds. I love him!

  2. denise

    the head massager you received–I saw them a few years ago at BB&B and was tempted to get one because I saw the Women’s US Olympic team use them a few Olympics ago, but alas, I never did. Hope you enjoy yours.

    As for my stocking–it was empty. I always fill the boys’ and my husband’s stocking, but no one ever puts anything in mine. I got tired of filling something in it myself. I’ll go buy myself something during the after-Christmas sales.

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