Regarding my infatuation de jour…

Must I plead guilty?  Yes, I must. I have been guilty of just gluing some gears on it… to decorate some frames in my office.

Oh, hush.

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4 responses to “Regarding my infatuation de jour…

  1. denise

    people pay big bucks for repurposed mechanical items on frames and other decorative items

    • I’ve seen a number of things I wish I could afford! I think the point is that the gears and such should have a function, or at least looks as if they could be functional, rather than just be glued on. But I am no purist. I do think it’s a funny video.

    • Oh wow Holidailies has led me to your site and opened up a flood of moremies. When I was in college I bought 8 little bottles of colored inks and loved the look of them as much as using them. I haven’t used a fountain pen in years, but I love them, too. I am going to read your recommendations and maybe give myself a Christmas present.

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