Chances to Win Free Books!

[NOTE: Oh, the madness! At this point, I’m about to have to give away two books to contest winners. If people keep subscribing, I may break the bank!  Good job! Shorthand way to enter: subscribe to this blog and leave an entry on this post. Read this post to find ways to increase your chances of winning!]

I made a new friend recently, Michelle, a college student, lover of books and book reviewer from Books and Boston.

Today I am stealing from her (because that’s just the kind of friend I am).

She is having a contest to reward her subscribers to her blog.  She’s giving away the book of your choice (value up to $20) from Book Depository, a great bookstore that ships books all over the world with no shipping fees, to any country on this very long list. So if you live in any of these countries and subscribe to her blog, you can enter this contest, which ends on December 17, 2011.

However, I’m going one step farther and stealing her idea and doing the same damned thing!

ONE CHANCE TO WIN: If you are already a subscriber to my blog, just leave a comment. You might tell me which book you crave, if price were no object (or anything else you want to say, for that matter).

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, come on, subscribe! This is your chance at the goodies! [Just type your email address into the window on the sidebar on the right, subscribe! You’ll get notified by email when I post something new.]

ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN: Follow me on twitter and comment here to tell me you did,, and you will get TWO chances.

ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN: If you retweet this contest on twitter or Facebook, leave a comment here telling me that you did.

A DOUBLE-CHANCE TO WIN: Blog about this, link back to me, and come comment that you’ve done it? A whopping TWO MORE CHANCES!

That means you could have as many as 5 chances to win a book for Christmas.

And if you go do the same for Michelle at Books and Boston, you will have TEN chances. Her contest is over, but mine is not!

See? Lots of chances to win two books!

Come on, do it. (And you know what? If I get 50 subscribers–which at this point on a brand new, unpublicized blog, would be kind of unexpected) I’ll give away more than one book. How many? I dunno. Depends on how many subscribers.

So. Who’s in?

Hey, while you’re at it, if you’re a blogger you can spread the book love. Steal the idea from me (and Michelle) and let’s cover the blogosphere with free books!

MY contest ends January 6, 2012. That gives you lots of time to enter and to spread the word and help me get enough subscribers to give away more books.

Ready? Set? Go!



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83 responses to “Chances to Win Free Books!

  1. Cheryel Wickham

    I love to read and a free book would be soooooo cool…

  2. Subscribed! Still waiting for the verification email, but hopefully it’ll come soon. Awesome giveaway =)

  3. I’m already a follower on Twitter 😉

  4. I’m researching flourless cookie recipes today! Know any good ones?

  5. Tweeted about the giveaway! Spreading the word woooo

  6. OK, retweeted! (I’ll save my following-on-twitter comment to see if there’s something to comment to!)

  7. Jen W.

    Books are my drug of choice. Followed closely by chocolate.

  8. Amy

    L ove u aunt pat

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  10. Well, you know I’m not going to be able to resist this one!

  11. Audra Holtwick


  12. Ashley Applebee

    I subscribed and follow you on twitter (I’m VelvetKisses22) and I follow you on facebook too 🙂 I think this is THE coolest giveaway!! And if price was on object, I’d want ALL Of Lisa Renee Jones’ books!! (and the ENTIRE Tiger’s Curse series!)

  13. Robin Blankenship

    Email Subscriber. So Glad I saw this on Facebook. I am enjoying browsing your blog.

  14. Robin Blankenship

    Follow you on Twitter as @robinblankenshi

  15. denise

    sent by toni mcgee causey; followed on FB & twitter; retweeted:
    planetpookspatricia burroughs

    Win a free book of your choice this holiday season. Have a blog? Join the fun and give one away! #free #book…

    9 hours ago FavoriteUndo RetweetReply

    Retweeted by momof3boysj

  16. denise

    I subscribed, too

  17. I’m @Wyld_Dandelyon on Twitter.


  18. I’m already a subscriber to your blog. And your Twitter. And your Tumblr. I think I already tweeted this, but I’ll double-check. And I’ll also blog it. Oh, it’s on both of my Facebook pages!

  19. lacy

    yay! subscribed and reposted on fb.

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  23. Tracy

    What a great idea! And what a great way to keep books alive in a digital age. If I win, I’d llike Devil in the White City. After reading the reviews, I bought it for someone else as a holiday present, but I’d love a copy for me.

    • I love digital and print, but for different reasons. For me it’s not either/or but AND-AND-AND! (As my pocketbook will attest!)

      I’ve heard a lot about that book, too, but haven’t read it. Good choice.

  24. Have subscribed and am following you on Twitter. My Twitter name is @Kaetrin67

  25. Thanks for the model of how to do it! I’m building audience with some contests over at my blog too. Gave away a pie to a man who had never won a damn thing, and that just made me happy.

    Subscribed plus following you on fb and twitter. Way to keep going.

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  27. Mentioned your giveaway in my post 😉 This giveaway is getting huge, congrats!

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  29. Shannon

    I have to have my son show me how to add you on twitter…lol I am so new to tritter

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  31. Linda Moren Abuelghanam

    Already subscribed!!

  32. Mike Maynard

    Hi Patti,
    I would love to read a book of yours! Hope all is well. Happy New Year!

  33. AC

    Looking forward to checking out your site and your books!

  34. What the hell. I like books too.

  35. Jennifer

    I tweeted from SCFmito about your contest and I signed up for the blog. Also, I posted on my FB page. I am so good at sucking up : ) LOL! ON my list is 44 Irish short stories! Very nice contest! And my don’t you look lovely today!

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  39. deb

    You are second to none, in my book 🙂

  40. Iain Brown

    Hi. I’m here. Who are you anyway?

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  42. Ronson

    Hey Pooks!

    Of the numerous books on my gotta-have list, the most recent addition is “Wildwood Wisdom,” a book of wilderness survival first published in the 1940s, which includes a lot of detail about life in the 19th century.

    Because I know you were curious.


    • Of course I’m curious, and also, now that one has been added to my “have-to-own” list! I found another one, hold on… I think it’s probably only available used these days, that’s how I found it. “Lost Country Life, How English country folk lived, worked, threshed, thatched, rolled fleece, milled corn, brewed mead. By Dorothy Hartley.

  43. M.J.

    I subscribed to the blog back in the days before the Internet when each update arrived by telegram.

    • I remember it well. I don’t think Book Depository has books on stone tablets but if you’re open to modern 17th Century print technology, you’ll hopefully find a book there you like if you win!

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