Need a little help from my friends?

This feels like a very long longshot, but if you read What Wild Ecstasy or any of my script adaptations, can you think of any books/movies it might be compared to?  “If you liked this, you might like pooks’ book/script?”

I’m looking for book reviewers and this is one of the things I have to provide.  With scripts, I’ve been told it has shades of UNFORGIVEN but when it comes to books, I’m coming up blank.

All suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

CLARIFICATION:  This is to eliminate reviewers who won’t like this book for reasons that are intrinsic to the story itself.  EX: “I hate romance novels, and what should land on my desk for review but….”

ETA: Thanks for the private responses! Anybody who wants to contact me privately with opinions, feel free to send more.


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