The Shattered Vine

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wanted to reach for the wine, but you knew you couldn’t because it was, you know, morning?

This is one of those mornings.  Not the way those mornings usually go, the “what I wouldn’t give for a drink to get me through this day” kind of morning.

A morning more rare.

A morning when I finally read the last words of a long-awaited conclusion to a much-loved trilogy, and wanted more than anything to taste the vin of the Lands Vin, to share the last moments, last words of the journey with Jerzy. Not with Laura Anne, mind you, because she has reached that point where he is no longer hers. He is real; he is beautiful; he is ours.

It was a journey well worth taking. If you haven’t, I must urge you.

Start here.

Then here.

And finally… here.

A world of fantasy and magic and wine, of adventure and friendship and danger, of good and evil and risk.

A world you won’t want to miss.

To Jerzy.



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