Parking This List Here

Writing stuff I need to do:

Short story for anthology [am getting plotty wid it]

Synopsis for book one [begun]

Synopsis for book two [begun]

Book review for The Shattered Vine: Book Three of The Vineart War (take photo to go with) [begun]

Finish reading and write book review for The Heiress Companion [done!]

Alpha-read ebook and write book review for Guardian of the Balance (Merlin’s Descendants, Vol. 1)


I suppose it’s not surprising that all the reading/reviewing looks a lot more enticing than the writing.

Some of this needs to happen this weekend.

The Resident Storm Chaser’s list this weekend is simple:

Finish painting the house.

I like my list better.



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2 responses to “Parking This List Here

  1. Susan Modregon

    I think I like your old Blog address better. I was directed there by Blake Snyder’s old blog mentioning your “Board”. I only found out about STC this year, so when I discovered the archives of Blake’s posts from years way back you know I had to read them. Anyway, on the Blog site I found the Board easy enough. Here I only see one screenwriting spot and when I clicked Blake’s name under it I went back to his site.

    • Can you give me the old address you went to that you liked better? There shouldn’t be a difference so I’d like to figure out what’s going on!

      I love save the cat. LOVE it. The boards are perfect for me, and his breakdown of “genres” (though I wish he’d used a different term) are brilliant.

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