Just a work of fiction.

SCOTUS Defines Personhood, by Vonda N. McIntyre*.

In an expected decision today, the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed its definition of Corporations as persons, and redefined organic beings as unpersons.

Unpersons include nebular avatars, bionic individuals (including biological bodies with computer-assisted intellects, machine-assisted brain preservation modalities, and exoskeleton-assisted paraplegics, quadriplegics, and n-oplegics for any value of “n”, including naturalized aliens), infertile biological entities (whether infertility be caused by chromosomal abnormality, age, illness, sexual orientation, or disinclination to reproduce), naturalized aliens, and natural-born human beings.

The Perfect Union must now be administered as a profit-making organization (Amendment 28 to the Constitution of the United States of America, “National Profitability”). Corporations are the only entities with sufficient financial resources to function as Persons and Citizens… (click here for the rest)

Don’t worry. It’s not true or anything.




Sweet dreams!

* Vonda N. McIntyre’s novels and selected short stories, including “Supreme Court of the United States Defines Personhood,” Nebula Award winners Dreamsnake and The Moon and the Sun, can be found at the Book View Café ebookstore.



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2 responses to “Just a work of fiction.

  1. Chris H.

    Scary stuff, Pooks.

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