In which timing is everything.

Previously on planetpooks, I posted about my dog. To my surprise and pleasure, I got notified that someone had clicked “like” on the post, so of course I had to follow the dots to find her.

Timing is everything, because her blog entry was about “surprise” of the delightful kind. Discovering that her dog’s “false” pregnancy wasn’t false!

That was two days ago.

I signed up to follow her blog by email and the past two days have been VERY eventful! Start with the post up above and relive the excitement with her.

[Spoiler: It’s worth the trip because at the end there are puppies!]

Go wish them well!


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  1. Awww, thanks Pooks for this. This is so touching (1 solitary tear rolling down my left cheek). I’m a bit emotional being so happy that everybody (all 4 puppies and Mommy Angel) is healthy.

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