The return of… Thunder Dog!

Previously, on planetpooks.

And she’s back–in her amazing Thundershirt!

Last night I put it on her at bedtime because we knew storms were coming through, and she first got very alert and happy [I think she thought she was about to go somewhere though I can’t imagine why] and then we told her to go to bed so she assumed her huddled position on the floor at the foot of our bed and did just that.

In the past when thunder-boomers rolled through in the middle of the night she went berserkish. Whimpered, whined, clawed at my side of the bed wanting in (which is a no-no on the planet that pooks shares with the Resident Storm Chaser who does not cotton to such things] and I sleepily pet her until it all passes.

Last night the thunder–oh, wow, what thunder. We have never heard anything like it. Not only was it LOUD and VERY NEAR but it just sounded strange. The Resident Storm Chaser knows thunder, and even he said it was the strangest thunder he’d ever heard, and in a rather ominous way.

And when he said that–when he spoke–is when she came to my side of the bed. No clawing, whining or whimpering, but the head did pop up panting nervously, wanting petting, which I did a bit, then she hunkered down on the floor beside me (and Jake allowed it, since that is usually his spot) and stayed there until the storm passed.

To bring this into perspective, Jake the 100-pound yellow lab never gets rattled by anything and even he jumped to his feet when the thunder was crashing overhead. I had to use both hands to pet two puppies for a few secs then he dropped back down and went back to sleep.

So, Bellatrix the Thunder Dog is getting braver.

I'm bad.

Jake the Big Ol’ Dawg is human.

And Pooks is getting more sleep.



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5 responses to “The return of… Thunder Dog!

  1. I need to get one of those shirts for Mithter Thimon, although he doesn’t really go berserker. He shakes and pants. I just hold him and since he’s next to me anyway when I sleep, it’s easy.

    I LOLd about having to use two hands to pet the critters. Try using hands and elbows for four critters when they all demand attention at once. 😉

  2. YAY! for the thundershirt. I have to get Rosie one of those.

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