Flannel I don't love and flannel I do.

The first flannel shirt of the season. A weird paisley that’s pink and maroon and orange that is really not a good color combo on me so I rarely wear it, but today? It’s all about what feels good.

My favorite season of the year, autumn.

Last night I made steak and ale pie and I’m really put out that I didn’t take a picture of it on the plate, it was so gorgeous with a side of bright green beans sauteed in garlic and butter. But today I get leftovers.

My favorite season of the year, autumn.

And today I bring out my favorite quilt my mother ever made me, the flannel quilt, the one that took the least effort but is soft and warm and wraps me in her love. This means more to me today than it ever has before, for we are only two weeks away from the first anniversary of her death, and some memories are still too sharp and fresh. I need this warm, bright memory to wrap myself in. My mother, she was oh so warm, and oh so bright.

My favorite season of the year, autumn.

Miss you, Mamma.



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4 responses to “Flannel I don't love and flannel I do.

  1. Lovely, Pooks. Now I’m all teary-eyed, in a good way. ((Hugs))

  2. I’m teary eyed, too. I’m sorry for your loss and happy for your memories. As I have been able to share about 10 baseball and football games with my Mother at my house over the last couple of weeks (and a few by phone since I took her back to DFW), I think about how much I will miss this sharing when she is gone.

    My favorite season of the year, autumn. Amen.

  3. I have a quilt my grandmother made me before she died. I adore it, and all it’s ugliness. She used polyester fabrics (because she always used her scraps), and the stitching is huge and awkward because her vision was not great. But I love that quilt with all my heart because it was made specifically for me. She made one for each grandchild before she died.

    So I appreciate your love of your mother’s quilt.

    Also, I got flannel sock monkey sheets for my birthday yesterday, so now I’m just waiting for it to get cool enough in Florida to put them on my bed!

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