Books, and the storing of them.

I’m window-shopping this morning with no intention to buy.  I have all the bookcases I need right now (and in fact am trying to empty one to get rid of it).

But I love looking at libraries and bookcases.  I prefer antique but when it comes to window-shopping, everything is game.  Like this:

Sean Yoo‘s fun design. It probably helps that it’s filled with old books, but I love it. More info here.

I found this on blogger with no origin.  It’s very cool and even though nontraditional and not antique, I could really love this in my home. An unexpected bit of modernity but with my much-loved wood-finish. (In fact, I’d like it even darker.)

I prefer my seating with backs, however.

Although the style is very different, this is the way my father built bookshelves in hallways and bedrooms in my parents’ homes. Around the ceiling.

It’s an idea I want to use in our small foyer, and put our old Brittanicas up there.

How about books in the rafters? I was thinking you’d need a high ceiling for  this to work, but this site says it helps that the ceiling was low so the books are more easily reached.

I found all of the previous images here, where there are many more to check out. I love that glassed in sunroom kind of library. So gorgeous, though I’d use color, of course.

But this bit of window shopping has reminded me of my very favorite library from houzz:

Study/Library traditional home office
I love that glassed in sunroom kind of library. So gorgeous, though I’d use color, of course.

You know what? I just previewed this and even though the individual pictures are interesting I find this entire post visually boring. No color. Bleah. What do you think? Boring or not?

So. Even though there isn’t a book in sight. I will leave you with this spot of bohemian rhapsody!

living room - portland, maine - wary meyers decorative arts eclectic


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