Who hid the Advil ™?

Why there isn’t any writing going on at planet pooks today.

Ripping out old patio, old driveway, old sidewalk, old porch steps.

Dogs freaking.

And a damned good excuse for me to [try to] read all day.



Filed under Misc.

6 responses to “Who hid the Advil ™?

  1. Sounds like a plan to me. But I’d go for Excedrin – extra strength. (grin)

  2. That’s what coffee shops are for.

  3. Poor Pooks! You prolly have to stay home because of the dogs and the fact that they’re working on your property, right? 😦 We need a pic of you, back-of-hand to forehead, “I simply *cannot* write under these conditions!”)

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