A Bird! A Plane! It’s Thunder Dog!

Only if Thunder Dog is a big pussy who is so afraid of thunder she freaks out if a rattling truck passes by.

Or tries to dig through the carpet if there are men in the yard making loud noises with jackhammers and such.

But let her wear her Thundershirt–

And she’s brave!


They work like swaddling a baby, by wrapping snugly (with velcro) and evidently making a dog suffering from anxiety feel safe and secure.  My friends’ dogs have responded almost miraculously to their Thundershirts, going from freaked out to sleeping through storms. Bellatrix is calm now, but still susceptible to a bit of a lurch and whine if the crash is particularly loud or near.

Or if concrete crashes into a truck.

ready for my closeup




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3 responses to “A Bird! A Plane! It’s Thunder Dog!

  1. Huh. I’ve thought about getting one of those for Rosie. She hates thunderstorms, and we live in Florida. (sigh) So…you think it works?

    • I have friends whose dogs are perfectly calm now that they wear them, and that’s why I ordered this one. At first she freaked out over having it put on because the sound of the Velcro freaked her out. I couldn’t really tell whether it helped or not. But now she even goes to it when it’s thundering, and holds still while I put it on her. It has really helped a lot, even if she’s not totally at the place where those other dogs are, totally relaxed and sleeping through storms.

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