In which I am in the clouds (on goodreads)

I’m at goodreads, are you?

I’ve been wasting time doing important writing related research there by fiddling around with my shelves, sorting my books into their proper categories. This is very important work because even though I have nowhere completed the job, I’ve used the “cloud” feature and have already detected that most of my reading preferences are focused on fiction from or about the British Isles, are historical, and are fantasy or romance.

See?  I would have never known that!

(Okay, stop rolling your eyes at me, we all knew that.)

Even so, if you’re there, tap me into your reading circle, and if not, come join the time wastage serious work.

[Oh yeah. Despite the fact that many people do some remarkable reviewing there and give wonderful insights to the books they have read, why they like and/or dislike them–don’t expect much of that from me.  I am not a reviewer at heart.]


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3 responses to “In which I am in the clouds (on goodreads)

  1. I’m a big fan of the “compare books” feature. I’m happy to report that we are 85% similar 8for the books we both rated.:)

    • I can’t figure out if I replied to you or not, so I’m going to try again. You have a number of books that I’m planning to read, as well. (high-fives!) Wolf Hall, for instance. I’ve been planning to read that for yonks but still haven’t.

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