Not White Spray Paint

[That is a reference to another Texas blog, White Spray Paint, which some of you would really love so you should check it out.]

My office transformation is in mid-transition.  It has been here for weeks.  It’s in that “habitable/workable” stage where I could end up still thinking about what to do next a year from now… but I hope not.

I mentioned it previously when I had a stroke of genius.  Today may not be a stroke of genius. I guess it all depends on how you feel about spray painting a silver television so that it doesn’t clash with Victorian Steampunk(ish).

I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the aluminum strip with all the little holes across the bottom where the speakers are. I mean, I don’t think I should spray it.  [looks shifty] Or…should I?

All I know is that it needs to be set up in two weekends.

Preseason is gonna start, and I’m gonna be there.


What does a Victorian Steampunk lady wear to watch football?

Oh well, back to looking around the office and thinking about what to do next.


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4 responses to “Not White Spray Paint

  1. You could do a bronze paint mixed with mineral oil so its really thin and smear across lightly with a cloth. Thin the paint enough and spread lightly enough and it shouldn’t go into the voids and seal up your speakers. This should give it a sort of antiqued look. I’ve done similar with airplane and spacecraft models to get a dirty, battle damaged look.

    • Excellent. I was wondering if there was something I could paint or wipe on so that I wouldn’t have to go through taping again. I may put some cogs and gears in the corners or something just to give it a bit of fun.

  2. If you’re going for Steampunk definitely put some copper-colored gears in strategic places on that TV! It looks great already and I like Nicholle’s idea as well, it should work very well!

    • The silver/aluminum just jarred. I kept trying to figure out other places to put the television and it was always the same issue. Ick. I still may not leave it where it is. I don’t have all my bookcases together yet and have more organizing to do, but wherever it is I think it will blend better! Thanks!

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