Is there creme rinse/conditioner for cables?

I mean, seriously, my hair tangles and that’s what I use and it’s brilliant, so for cables there should be something similar, right?

The floor beside my desk:

The solutions I’ve found and am considering:

A Belkin Surge Protector With a Lid (that corrals wires)

A Bluelounge CableBox that is just a box that holds the power strip, etc.

Have you seen either in action? Does one of these look more practical than the others, or do you have other solutions?


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4 responses to “Is there creme rinse/conditioner for cables?

  1. I’ve looked at similar devices at the Container Store and decided that they weren’t big enough to truly hold all the strips and cords and big bulky power plugs that would need to go into them. I figured I’d be adding more junk to the situation than reducing it. I think it is a good idea to mount at least one power strip up above the desk or to the side of the desk on the wall for things like your phone charger that you might need to unplug and move more often.

    • That’s exactly what I was afraid of! Thanks for that.

      I won’t mount anything to my desk because it’s almost antique, possibly 70 years old? Heavy oak, could certainly take the abuse but I don’t want to put holes in it. The wall is an option, though. Thanks.

  2. Plum

    You need “wire management” . I agree the power strip is the way to go. Can you anchor it to the floor behind the desk and leave most plugged in? You can get a flexible tube thing that sort of rounds up the cords and heads them all in the right direction. Then run one cord up with several outlets, that you could but in a tasteful box to live on your desk. You could plug your portable stuff in from the back. And put your pink hair dryer in the bathroom. LOL

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