Jane Austen wrote here (and these, but not those).

You may have noticed that today is Jane Austen’s birthday. So, to get in the proper frame of mind (because Austen is all about being proper) we will take a field trip and have a birthday party at Jane Austen’s House.

Hard to believe that small table held all those worlds.

Since no birthday party is complete without a game, see if you can spot the Austen heroes!

But as if that’s not sufficient for any birthday celebration, we have party favours!

Sourcebooks is giving away free downloads of Jane Austen’s novels (and at the bottom of that page, Austen spinoff novels that she didn’t write).

Happy birthday, Jane.



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3 responses to “Jane Austen wrote here (and these, but not those).

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  2. I’ve just finished Sense & Sensibility and whlist I enjoyed it it wasn’t one of her best. Too many holes, especially the rather obvious one of how the Colonel ‘woos’ Marianne in the end. I felt like I’d read the whole book for naught! I’m not familiar with Persuasion so perhaps I will move on to that one next. I always re-read books. I think its really important as you rarely ‘get’ everything the first time around, especially with the classics. I don’t really feel guilty about it because I figure time will sift the quality from the rabble of contemporary books so I’ll eventually get around to reading the classics of these times! LOL!

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