I am insane.



1711 / 50000 words. 3% done!




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8 responses to “I am insane.

  1. Totally new project? Part of the same world as Perse?

  2. MrsH

    I just thought it was the result of the ‘Horns and the ‘Boys season this year.

    Didn’t think it was full blown insanity?

    • Right now it’s the ‘Boys and the Strangers.

      But my November this year is not a time to attempt to write anything, much less 50,000 words and so to even begin it is insane beyond anything I can blame on football or baseball.

  3. You can do it if anyone can. Go Pooks!

  4. Pamela Dumond

    Jeez I was thinking I needed to blog, but I think you just said everything I wanted to right here.

  5. Good luck and good hunting Pooks!

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